In the Beginning

“In the beginning the heavens and the earth were created.” What a concept. In one of the earliest recordings of time the story of the world coming into creation is laid out before us. On the surface level what may seem like a simple line actually proclaims there’s more out there in the universe than just us. This isn’t going in an extraterrestrial direction if that’s what you’re thinking so bear with me...

Whether you believe in a God, a higher power, a greater purpose or yourself as the all knowing - I’m sure at one point or another you’ve considered what you were doing here on this place someone decided to call Earth. Why are you here? What are you supposed to do with the time you have? And hey, if this is too deep for a casual Tuesday night - get up and go grab a nice bottle of red then pour yourself a glass so we can get on the same page.

If you’re reading this right now then that means that you’re here, in the beginning - in the beginning of this brand, Travel By Travis. In the past I would have asked how building a brand or customised jewellery line could contribute to a higher purpose but these days it’s all I can see. Brands and corporations have the united power of countless individuals and more resources at any given moment than most people are privileged to in a lifetime. This realisation was the beginning of Travel By Travis.

Five years ago I moved to Sydney, Australia from Florida, USA. Nothing in my life in the states was broken, nothing was missing - I just knew I needed to go. I think sometimes in life you just keep going even if you don’t know where exactly it is you’re going. Life keeps taking you down paths and in new directions then one day you look up and realise through your experiences and skills you’ve gained over time you’re finally ready to help something or someone other than yourself stay afloat in the world. 

I guess that’s what this brand is for me. It’s an extension of me for more than just me. It’s for the girl scared and alone in a dark room, it’s for the boy who hasn’t been fed in days - it’s for all the people out there who don’t have the privilege of sitting where I am writing to you on a laptop this evening. It’s for the broken, the tired and shattered hearts of people I’ve yet to even meet, but I will. Travel By Travis donates 20% of profits to mission trips heading around the world to lend a helping hand, mend the broken and to leave people with a brighter future than even the day before. 

To start bringing this vision to life I partnered with Thrive Madagascar, a  non-profit organization provides support to the people of Madagascar through three core areas - Education, Health and Business. When you make a purchase at Travel By Travis 20% of profits will go towards funding mission trips to Madagascar via Thrive.

When you capture your moment through Travel By Travis customised jewellery you’ll help me give moments back to people around the world.

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Exceptional blog- love the last line. We need more meaning and purpose built into the brands we recognise and uplift. Thank you for lighting a path towards this.

- Natasha

Natasha October 14, 2019

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