About Travel By Travis Customised Jewellery
The idea for Travel by Travis came to me in 2016 as I sat around a roaring fire. I remember knowing I wanted to start a jewellery brand but until then that was the extent of it. I closed my eyes and let my mind drift away as I warmed by the flames. I kid you not within minutes the full concept of Travel By Travis customised jewellery came to life in my mind. From the minimalistic styles to coordinates it was all laid out before me. Even as far as the vision for this brand to fund mission trips, suddenly it all made sense.
I didn't want to just be another brand, I wanted to be able to turn my wins and potential success into a win for someone else too. It always had to be about more than just me and "a brand" or otherwise - what's the point? I dabbled with the idea of 10% but felt called to do more. I was challenged to have faith that 20% of profits was feasible and I continuously remind myself even today that there are so many people who don't have the luxury of creating an income in the first place.